Apr 13, 2010

VLADIMIR ESTRAGON "Three Quarks for Muster Mark" (GER, 1989)

Phil Minton vocal, trumpet - Ulrike Haage keyboards, piano, sequencer, samples - F.M. Einheit metal, electronics, stones, drums - Alfred 23 Harth tenor sax, clarinet, bass clarinet

Named after the two characters from "Waiting For Godot" this short-lived outfit reflects, mainly, Harth's post-modern ideas already known from his works with bands like Cassiber.
FM Einheit, Ulrike Haage, Phil Minton arrive here from different directions, so the encounter becomes (or at least should have been) interesting by itself. The clash of the genres has sometimes funny results and the musicians seem to be aware. Album title is a (famous) quotation from James Joyce's "Finnegans Wake".

VLADIMIR ESTRAGON das letzte band

three quarks


Sotiris said...

Ολα τα "λεφτά" της ανάρτησης (περα απο την ίδια, φυσικά) είναι η "απεικόνιση" του πρωτονίου.
Έχει αφαιρεθεί απο τη διδακτέα ύλη της Γ λυκείου, εδω και 7 χρόνια. Και απορώ απο τότε μήπως τελικά τιμωρούν τον Joyce...

a-g said...

Any chance of providing a link for this one?

paramo said...

still available from Enja Records.

e-mail us for a link.