Feb 24, 2009

THE DECORATORS "Tablets" (UK, 1982)

Leaving Manchester's New Hormones label, THE DECORATORS did two LPs for London's Red Flame. "TABLETS" (1982) is the first of them and it is posted here by request.

Check also our previous post about their other Red Flame LP, "Rebel Songs" (1983) and the older single "Twilight View" ( 7'', 1980).

(11 tracks, approx time 37 min )


Anonymous said...

Thankx for this record.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this - it's one of my favourite records of that time.

Michel said...

Thanks for posting this great decorators record...
I would really appreciate it if u can post it again cause
apparently I came late :( and I only have "Absent Friends" track

paramo said...

"tablets" reuped

Michel said...

I am dead grateful :) for posting this valuable record again... and that fast too!
Thanks again and i won't forget this nice gesture