Feb 18, 2009

IM NAMEN DES VOLKES "Ich War Da, Leergebrannt" (GER, 1980)

This short-lived project of MATTHIAS SCHUSTER (member of Gesterfahrer, Bal Pare a.o.) came recently out of obscurity thanks to hamburgian label NLW which released on vinyl the 7'' EP "Im Namen Des Volkes" (2006) and the LP "Volksmusik" (2007). The material of these releases originally recorded between 1979-82.
A CD version of "Volksmusik" album, including the "In Namen Des Volkes" EP plus new "Electrofu*k" EP came out last year from Suboptimal Records.

"Ich War Da, Leergebrannt" EP
A.Ich war da, leergebrannt
B2.im namen des volkes

(released in 1980 from Konnekschen label).

(approx time 12 min)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, I've been looking for this. Wow here it is, sounds great.