Feb 10, 2009

ASHTRAY BOY "...The Honeymoon Suite " (US/AUS, 1993)

-influenced first LP from the band of australian songwriter RANDALL LEE. That period LEE was splitting his time between U.S. and Australia, and "...The Honeymoon Suite" was recorded at Chicago in summer of 1992, with Liz Phair adding vocals on two tracks.
I used to know someone who was finding shelter in this album during the times ROBERT & GRANT were on hiatus... and since the GOs went gone, i have also caught myself seeking strangely the company of this small gem...

RANDALL LEE voc/guitar/bass
JUSTIN NIIMI drums/percussion
DAVID TRUMFIO double bass/citar
LIZ PHAIR vocals

How Charles destroyed the Inland Sea

(11 tracks, approx time 33 min)


jniimi said...

Thanks for the acknowledgment! - J. Niimi, Ashtray Boy

paramo said...

hi Justin, are Ashtray Boy still out there?

jniimi said...

Yes! We just reunited last month for some shows and new recordings.

Anonymous said...

Could you re-up this incredible stuff?