Jun 18, 2008

TOM KAZAS "Saint Or Fool" (AUS, Hitch-Hyke,1997)

TOM KAZAS, the Greek-Australian singer/guitarist of THE MOFFS, recorded and produced this album in Sydney with the help of Andrew Byrnes (drums,percussion), Ralph Marshall (bass on one song) and Mark Wilkinson (additional guitars). SAINT OR FOOL released from greek hitch-hyke records label at 1997 and it is one of the most beautiful late psych gems of the once amazing and powerful australian undergroung rock scene that had already started fading early 90`s and disappeared almost completely till the end of the decade. Anyway...this album gives you the chance to dive once more into the idiosycratic australian landscape. The starting basis is the magic spirit of 60`s, but Tom as a genuine psych-farmer carries also seeds, from both 70`s prog pop crops, and 80`s indie grounds. He transplants them into his own eastern-western soil. Saint or fool, the perfumed gardens he cultivates have an unforgetable fascination.


Anonymous said...

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paramo said...

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Lara Happy said...

Really digging the four track EP Sisyphus Happy that Tom Kazas has just released!