Oct 1, 2010

FOTE "Perfect Sense" + "Shaking The House" (1981)

British musician Robert Haigh has released since 80's a diverse series of  musics with origins to piano minimalism, ambient, avant-electronics, ritual music, experimentalism...
His early obscure years comprise eponymous solo works,  and also several collaborations and disguises under bandnames as  Sema, Truth Club, Fote, and others... 

Fote - "Perfect Sense" (12'', Le Rey Records, 1981)

Fote was a Haigh's experimental project circa 1980-81. Line up included drummer Trevor Reidy (Nurse with Wounds, Danielle Dax, Monochrome Set...) and Deborah Harding on vocals. They released two 12'' EPs "Perfect Sense", "Shaking The House" and the Truth Club / Fote  split 7'' single "Sleight / Looking For Lost Toy".

Fote - "Shaking The House" (12'', Le Rey Records, 1981)

Wider recognition and commercial success for Robert Haigh came in 90's, when Haigh dealt both as musician (Splice, Omni Trio, etc...) and labelman (Parlament Music, Candidate Records...) with  pioneering and hardcore dance electronica, drum'n'bass, jungle... mixing his  atmospheres with breakbeats.
Recently Haigh has returned to ambient-classical piano works.


Philip said...

Thank you very much for the interesting post
music is good but could you tell me who drew the cover
for the "Perfect sense".

sorry for my english

-sto said...

thanks a lot - "le rey" was a great label. I didn't know "shaking..." but have "perfect sense" [got my copy from the bargain basement of the 'records and tapes exchange' - admittetly quite som years ago :-)]

paramo said...

seen your blog Philip;some drawings are amazing. Unfortunately i don't have the info you want yet.

Philip said...

it's a pity
but thank you for visiting my blog and reply.

Anonymous said...

The covers were drawn by Deborah Harding.