Oct 5, 2010

TEO MACERO " Teo " (US, 1980)

"TEO" is the historical second release of Kip Hanrahan's label American Clave. Hanrahan throws, here, the lights towards the pure artistic but less known side of the man who was, as a producer, behind the making of some of the most popular works in jazz history ("Kind Of Blue", "Bitches Brew" and numerous others). The several eras  material, the variety of styles and collaborations, along with the playing, composing, and arranging skills of TEO MACERO (1925 - 2008) make this collection a good listen for the friends of eclectic jazz sounds.

TEO (12 tracks, 37min)


Stylophone 350s said...

wow, been looking for this for awhile, thanks very much

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to hear this, but I missed it the first time around and have rarely seen it since. Thank you for sharing it.