Apr 22, 2009

V.A. Australian Compilations vol 1

20 tiny & very tiny lights on the australian post punk map.

1.IDIOM FLESH holiday ( 1982)
2.SYSTEMATICS bovine (1982 )
3.PROD a brick short (1981)
4.EST red tv (1980)
5.VIA VENETO empty (1981)
6.MORAL FIBRO take a walk in the sun (1982)
7.THE SAME in the door (1981)
8.WILD WEST chinchilla (1981)
9.THE GOAT THAT WENT OM pirate song (1980-81)
10.MOVING PARTS heart of darkness (1980)
11.SLUGFUCKERS tricked you! (1981)
12.BRRR COLD turtle maestros (1981)
13.METRONOMES sunday morning (1980)
14.THE LIMB ghost train (1981)
15.MAESTROS & DIPSOS heart and tongue
16.HEIGHT/DISMAY the tinning test (1980)
17.SUNDAY PAINTERS be objective (1982)
18.SCAPA FLOW the end (1980)
19.MAKERS OF THE DEAD TRAVEL FAST zebra crossing (1981)
20.SCATTERED ORDER it's our friends that kill us ( 1984 )

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this one, you compiled a bunch of awesome tracks that show the great potential and quality of this scene!

paramo said...

thanks for your comment oldskool.
Perhaps more oceania stuff will appear.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to that!

John Daly said...

love your work...