Oct 26, 2011


Tiny Town was born in Brisbane; their former ego was the Supports. In early eighties they were transplanted to London where they made (from 1983 to 1986) four singles and the album "Little Tin God". Messthetics diy anthology have picked two Tiny Town tracks ('Know Better', 'Back To The Bow') for its prominent retrospective compilation series.

Tiny Town sound, velvety, tight, includes male-female vocals, keyboards, violin... and in spite of the obvious Go Betweens influence appears to keep its own corner in the garden of the endlessly fresh aussie essences.

Peter Loveday (vocals, guitar), Geoffrey Titley (drums), Leigh Bradshaw (vocals, keyboards), Caroline Bush (vocals, violin), Cameron Allan (bass)...

Back To The Bow / Big Fish, flexi, 1983
Drop By Drop / Know Better, 7'', 1984
Living Out Of Living / Queue Up, 7'', 1984
Little Tin God, lp, 1984
No Place Like Rome, 12'', 1985

 New Link (4 singles + lp) - updated March 2013


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