May 8, 2011

NITS " Quest " (Netherlands, 1995)


QUEST is a rare-material (b-sides, alternative takes, unreleased tracks) bonus disc included in the limited box-set edition of their 1995 best of, "NEST". To tell the truth, it holds no great unknowns, no surprises -it's mainly for the devotees. What it says, more or less, is what you 've already known from the proper albums of NITS:  One and only dutch band back in '80-'90 was able to lay the bridge between avant art and the wide pop audiences so enduringly.

NITS Tear Falls



George Loukakis said...

Many thanks! I've been looking for this compilation for years ... if you have any of the more recent B-sides by The Nits, I sure would like to see them online sometime (preferably at 320 kbps).


Merci beaucoup .Jamais un disque n'a jamais aussi bien porté son nom , car depuis 16 ans ce fut une véritable quête pour enfin découvrir cette musique .

En cherchant , j'ai également trouvé la liste des titres et leurs origines

1. House On House (2:58) (unreleased track from the In The Dutch Mountains sessions)
2. The Concrete Brothers (4:40) (Early version of The Dream in 1987)
3. Rhythm Of The Rain (4:32) (In The Dutch Mountains Outtake)
4. Nickel & Wood (3:54) (Single B-side 1984 )
5. The Magic Of Lassie II (Single B-side 1987)
6. Maria & The Iceman (Single B-side 1992 )
7. Yellow Press (unreleased track from the Work sessions)
8. Yöpöllö (Single B-side 1990 , Finnish version of Night Owl)
9. Bild Am Sonntag ( A Capella Version) (Single B-Side 1984)
10. Typist Of Candy (Alternate version from Henk sessions)
11. Fishes (Single B-side 1994 )
12. Tear Falls (Single B-side 1992)
13. The Singing Telegram (Alternate version from Henk sessions)
14. Table Town (Single B-side 1992)
15. The Red Vase (Single B-side 1990)
16. Sometime In Winter (Alternate version of Single B-side 1994)
17. King Of Belgium (Single B-side 1990)
18. Cold Grey Morning (Early version of The Train and Oom-Pah-Pah from 1987)
19. Stay (Early version 5 Hammering Men in 1986 )
20. Potato Eaters (Single B-side 1986)

paramo said...

Thanks Hervepaul for this contribution!

gadalouza said...

Wow ! I've been searching this record for so long !