Jun 17, 2009

VICTORY OF THE BETTER MAN " >L'utopiste< " (GER, 1991)

">L'UTOPISTE<" is the first work of the german ensemble VICTORY OF THE BETTER MAN. It created the years 1989-90 under the significant assistance of CMP's sound-engineer WALTER QUINTUS. Band's line up, that period, beside core members UK RATTAY (guitar, synth, various sounds) and ex-NECRONOMICON drummer HARALD BERNHARD (voice, percussion, keyboards) included MATTHIAS KRATZENSTEIN on bass, piano, keyboards, guitar and MARTIN FREDEBEUL on sax, flute, clarinet, piano, keyboards. (Additional musicians: MARC LEHAN on drums, percussion & PETRA SAHM on vocals).

" >L'UTOPISTE< ", (CMP, 1991)
" ...WEGEN BROT ", (CMP, 1995)
" CITIZENS ", (rent a dog, 2004)

sample track: GONDOLA

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