Nov 27, 2008

LES DISQUES DU CREPUSCULE: Scenes From Twilightning

Founded by Michel Duval and Annik Honore in 1980 and connected with legendary Factory records, this Brussels based label played an important role on the blooming of eclecticism and diversity of the post punk era. They started releasing Factory material (as Factory Benelux), but soon they created their own catalogue of fine artists...and became a "bridge" between UK and continental europe, between new wave-pop and experimental/jazz/classical.In spite of the mid-eighties demise of indie sound, Les Disques du Crepuscule remained an interesting label, active until 2005.

The tracks of this compilation are selected from the early (and best) period of the label. Many thanks to Rainier who provided kindly some of the material.

01.GAVIN BRYARS - white`s S.S.
02.THICK PIGEON - subway
03.JEZ & VINI - sleep will come
04.THE DURUTTI COLUMN - weakness and fever
05.DREAM MAKERS - helen`s song
06.STEVEN BROWN - waltz
07.ANTENA - camino del sol
08.PAUL HAIG - running away
09.THE FRENCH IMPRESSIONISTS - pick up the rhythm
10.MIKADO - par hazard
11.DEVINE & STATTON - bizare love triangle
12.NAMES - life by the sea
13.WINSTON TONG - like the others
14.TUXEDOMOON - ninotchka
15.MICHAEL NYMAN - a walk though H
16.BLAINE REININGER - mystery & confusion
18.ISOLATION WARD - lamina christus
19.REPETITION - a still reflex
20.RHINE RIVER III - an end remains
21.323 - affectionate silence
22.IKE YARD - night after night
23.PETER GORDON - the fruit of the original sin
24.BILL NELSON - dada guitar
25.HAROLD BUDD - children on the hill
26. RICHARD JOBSON - autumn
compiled by LFDJ
Listen here (129mb)

"...paysages de la route de la vie plutot que de la surface de la Terre..."


Claudio said...

Please , I'm looking for a forgotten artist ( few works with Tuxedomoon "connection") the name is/was NIKI MONO , only one lp , Can You Help me ?
Thanks ALL THE SAME !!
Cheers from Florence (Italy)!!!

marco said...

Thank you for this compilation!
I hope in others El releases.
Great blog anyway.

LFDJ said...

hi marco, what el releases are you searching for?

Anonymous said...

what a nice gift!
thanks a lot and keep up the good work


marco said...

Louis Philippe (Lp Yuri Gagarin in primis), but any El release is pleased. Many many thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

I found for you these

debut release from Belgian label
Les Disques du Crepuscule:
"VA - From Brussels With Love (1980)"
pass: simplygoodmusic

and another nice comp by same label:
"VA - Death Leaves An Echo (1987)"
no pass

iraklis :)

Anonymous said...

also this compilation was made by Wim Mertens of Soft Verdict fame about a new music festival in Chicago in 1982.

"Chicago 82 (tape, Les Disques Du Crepuscule, 1982)"
no pass


LFDJ said...

Iraklis, thanks for your always valuable additions to the posts

Marco, many of the EL records classics have reissued recently, so...

claudio, we also search for this one...

Anonymous said...

4. Niki Mono & Minimal Compact - Marathon.mp3
"Fuck Your Dreams, This Is Heaven (1986"

(I have this amazing album on vinyl, but I don't have the equipment to rip it...)


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, paramo, for this excellent compilation of lost treasures. I did not know all of them and am just wallowing in good feelings. You made my day :) Also, thank you very much, iraklis, for your great contributions!

Anonymous said...

Incredible selections! Any chance of uploading the "Made for Measure" series from disques...?

I would be most grateful!!

drfeelgoed said...

Thank you very much, just discovered your blog.

edlorado said...

thanks for this !