Nov 4, 2008

THE CREAMS "The Creams and Nico" (UK,1994)

The diverse and constantly repeated ALAN JENKINS recipe for DIY pop imperfectness. This time the band (constisting of the same more or less musicians as his other outfits) is called THE CREAMS and the main obsession ( more obviously than before) is supposed to be VELVET UNDERGROUND but of course there are much more lunacies, parodies, self-irony, as usual.


Johnny Anonymous said...

Good tunes but the files that i downloaded didn't have any track listing and from what I've found they are next to impossible to find online. I can't find them at least.

Anonymous said...

As i know the file we uploaded included the track titles.
Anyway, we type them on comments (or main page) later tonight.

Anonymous said...

THE CREAMS & NICO tracklist
01.The little list song
02.Stepford on sea
03.Milk & money
04.Woman with magnet
05.Museum of modern fly
07.Peter says
08.Meritricious metonomy & the anachronistic quondam
09.60 piano notes
10.sitting round a cigarette
11.Die yuppy scum
12.No other monkey of interiors
14.the creams, the thief his wife & her brother
15.Gloves & mittens
16.Followed by animals
17.unusual blue moss
19.60 more piano notes
20.walk with me
23.Gigham girl meets plaid boy
24.Marlene Dietrich`s make up man
25.The creams are going to kill me