Oct 30, 2008

MOMUS "Circus Maximus" (UK,1986)

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Momus - Circus Maximus (1986)

01.Lucky Like St. Sebastian
02.The Lesson Of Sodom (According To Lot)
03.John The Baptist Jones
04.King Solomon's Song And Mine
05.Little Lord Obedience (5:13)
06.The Day The Circus Came To Town
07.The Rape Of Lucretia
08.Paper Wraps Rock
09.Rules Of The Game Of Quoits

CIRCUS MAXIMUS  (link updated april 2013)
Momus - Don't Stop The Night (1989)

Momus - Tender Pervert (1988)


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Thank you. Love the Momus.

Anonymous said...

Amazing. 1986 I was very disappointed from the "indie" or "new wave" scene and I went for Chicago House, Electro and that Belgian stuff. So this one eluded me. I must say it's fantastic. Could as well be from 1967 (remastered) or from 2008. Just timeless perfection. I am speechless. Thank you very, very much, paramo and iraklis!

Anonymous said...

link expired :(

LFDJ said...

thank for reporting file expiration.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just discovered your brilliant blog.
Momus is god (well, kinda)
Thank you, the Pale Fountains would say.
Thank you very,very, very much for this and all the rest of your brilliant work, that's what I'd like to say.
Does anybody know where one could get the Momus DVD "Man of letters"?
Best blog in years
keep on keepin on, pleeeaaase

skylab67 said...

256 kbps, CD-rip - ??????
really 128...ooops

paramo said...

old link (kindly provided by visitor)expired.i had to reuploaded it but unfortunately my own copy was only 128kb

Anonymous said...

Hey can you reupload it, it expired again.

paramo said...

new link created!

Anonymous said...

^^Thank you^^ Would you also happen to have any of the following Momus albums: The Ultraconformist, Stars Forever, Philsosphy of Momus, Ping Pong, or Twenty Vodka Jellies? If so can you upload them if it's not too much trouble? Thanks again!

D'Artagnan said...

Manufactured Recordings is reissuing "Circus Maximus" on 2xLP and CD very soon. The release will include the full original album, as well as three of the earliest Momus EPs: “The Beast With Three Backs” EP, the “Murderers, The Hope of Women” EP, as well as the “Jacky” EP.

More info is available here: