Oct 4, 2008

GLASS EYE "Bent by Nature" (US,1988)

Impressive, ahead of its time work from Texas outfit that combined cleverly elements from many places ( indie rock, funk, folk, experimental), escaping definition by any of its influences. Very eclectic approach, electric-acoustic contrasts and angular forms. Expanding arrangements add keyboards, accordion, trumpet. Much of the spirit of their works started being applied massively some years later in alternative rock, GLASS EYE remained though little known.


Mike said...

cool flashback. I have forever been searching for their debut "Marlo EP". It was rumored to be reissued a few years back, but never found it.

La Folie Du Jour said...

i`ll keep a glass eye open for this.
- Phillip Marlo

LFDJ said...

dear mike
get the ep 'MARLO' from the blog
'wilfully obscured'
- Phillip marlo

LFDJ said...

correction: 'wilfully obscure'

Mike said...

nice - I just found it and was going to leave you a message! =)

fantastic but a shame only 128!, better than nothing and worth the 20+ years I've waited! ;)