Sep 26, 2008

BILL NELSON "The Love That Whirls [diary of a thinking heart]" (UK,1982)

Bill Nelson is a british musician (significant guitarist, multi-instrumentalist) quite well known for his 70`s albums with the art-rockers BEBOP DELUXE, his avant-post punk project RED NOISE and the plethora of solo works (ambient, new wave, electronic, experimental...) he has released since early 80`s. It would take pages to analyze the complicated, diverse, at times earthed, at times spaced out universe of this gifted personality. Certainly he has his own way to be "different" whatever genre he deals with.
belongs to his electro new wave works and is one of the best. It is perfect,romantic, sofisticated pop music, with witty lyrics and atmospherically treated soundscapes that predate his future ambient efforts. Quite close to the sound of Japan, Simple Minds....
CD edition (Cocteau records, 1986) has two additional tracks and 2005 reissue three more extras.

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Anonymous said...

I thought I knew everything from Bill Nelson's New Wave output (the track "Stop/Go/Stop" from 1979 being my favourite), but this one had eluded me somehow. It's a great album, of course, thank you very much!!