Aug 20, 2008

MOMUS "Timelord" (UK, 1993)

Sheltered and wandering into the empty isolated rooms of open space, the MOMUS persona of this album extends his life bitter account to a sad, skeptical view over the passage of time, the modern human condition & civilization. It `s not the first (nor last) time, Nicholas develops his provocative mixture of irony & lyricism based on negative feelings and a sharp, inauspicious logic fed by despair. It is though, one of the occasions that the difference between the odd roles he plays... and his very own personal "soul & mind striptease" looks very small. And most of those who love him, they would have felt, i guess, that somewhere into the ambiguity of this difference,... it lies the key for such an extremely seductive, influential art.
Listen to TIMELORD vinyl rip (60mb)


Anonymous said...

thank you very much for this!
soon I'll be in touch with you via e-mail.

in the midtime, here is a link for
Momus- Tender Pervert at 192 kbps
(the previous one was only @128)


Anonymous said...

and another one:

Momus - Don't stop the night (1990)

(direct link)


Bobby said...

thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Nice to see a momus fan. Do you also happen to have Stop This!, the soundtrack to his cd-rom?