Aug 12, 2008

DAVID THOMAS "More Places Forever" (US,1985)

This album (along with "A MONSTER WALKS THE WINTER LAKE" [1986] ) is perhaps the peak of a series of albums David Thomas released from 1981 to 1987, a period when he tried to develope an even weirder than before musical vision, based on whimsical vocals (his trademark) & a songform experimentation related to jazz, avant-art-prog, improvisation and theatrical act. This period collaboration with Chris Cutler (the emblematic man of R.I.O.) proved to be very influential and brought David closer to english avant garde. Apart David (vocals) & Chris (drums), Tony Maimone played bass and Lindsay Cooper (News from Babel) played bassoon.


cia said...

Nice, like always.


Anonymous said...

Any chance for "Winter comes home"?
The album whose existence is neglected by Mr. Thomas.


Anonymous said...

agree with comment about this album & 'monster walks" - excellent choice

vaubu said...

Geez, La Folie du Jour is my new favorite blog!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this album. I have it on vinyl but my record player's not working so looking forward to hearing it again