Jun 23, 2013

The Room Behind The Clock

One more set of selections out of the bottomless 80's underground deposit.

01What To Wear The robbery (1980)
02 Sub  Verse Science of fear (1981)
03 Yeah Jazz Julie and the sealions (1984)
04 Hellfire Club phases (1982)
05 Proof Of Utah Betty's pleasure (1984)
06 Bamboo Zoo Submarine (1981)
07 Eton Crop He didn't say anything (1984)
08 Observers This age (1980)
09 Matthew Young Objects in mirror (1986)
10 Nick Haeffner Breaths (1987)
11 Essential Bop Cenotaph (1985)
12 Brotherhood Of Lizards Clockwork train (1989)
13 Protege Protection (1980)
14 Gardez Darkx Bliss (1979)
15 Turquoise Swimming Pools Burst Balloons (1982)
16 22 Beaches Dust (1984)
17 41 Degrees White flowers (1982)
18 Front Lawn I 'll never have anything more (1989)

compiled by LaFolieDuJour

Listen Here


Sotiris said...

Χαίρομαι που σας βλέπω να έχετε -ακόμη- κουράγιο. Μαζευτηκαν πολλά τον τελευταιο χρόνο και το δικό μου απόθεμα αντοχής ήθελε μια επαναδιοργανωση.

Επιστρεφω σε λίγο καιρό. Εχουν μαζευτεί τόσες σκέψεις που δεν μπορούν πια να μένουν στο μυαλο μου

Καλή μας δύναμη

paramo said...

Περιμενουμε λοιπον, Σωτήρη, νεες αναρτησεις σου με ανυπομονησια...

Unknown said...

ok then... this is the 2nd time. in the 80s as a teenager, i would record music off the radio onto cassettes(from our great RRRfm and later PBSfm stations here in Melbourne) Intrigued by the strange music coming out of the stereo, i would just hit the record button and let it go till the tape ran out, turn over and start again. With most of it, i never found out who the bands were, but since i've had the internet i have slowly tracked most of it down just by searching for lyrics, 'sounds like' searches, etc... or occassionally just by fluke such as on this compilation (" Betty's Pleasure" & " Julie and the sealions"). A while ago i also found 2 songs by Tiny Town ( "Washing Machine" & "Waiting in the Wings")which i had on old tapes and didn't even realise they were by the same band. It is always a great surprise when this happens, and just thought i'd let you know how much i appreciate it... especially now that the old cassettes are a bit worse for wear, or compeletely rooted. Cheers! a great compilation!

paramo said...

Nameless sounds, recorded from radio... worn out now but part of ourselves.

oh yes, david... it used to start that way

Andy Tithesis said...

. . . resplendidly rad 'C90' of various sorts... thanks always for the care you share so graciously... bless your heart... as many times as allowed . . .

paramo said...

CC, really glad you enjoyed my selections,your words are too good to me..

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