Apr 12, 2011

V.A. F/ear This! (ITA, 1987)

Italian double cassette/double vinyl compilation (plus booklet) released in 1987 for benefit of  A/Rivista Anarchica monthly magazine. Subtitled as "a collection of unheard music, unwritten words and unseen images inspired by fear", it includes contributions from italian (Two Tone, Detonazione, La 1919, Gregorio Bardini, Franti, 2+2=5, Thelema, Giancarlo Toniutti...) and international artists (Embryo, Annie Anxiety, Don King, Possession, Body & the Buildings, etc.).

A + B sides
C + D sides


Sotiris said...


Zap-Pascal said...

It's rare now !
Enjoy with these various & estonishing lps !
Love you very much... to discover for everyone the good listings you are !


Walber Wander said...

Can you post this compilation again? I will thank you very much! :]