Mar 29, 2011

V.A. Australian Compilations vol.4

The fourth volume of LaFolieDuJour tribute to Australia's underground  music scenes...

Prod n.w.o.d. (1981)
Persia q-girl (1984)
Fungus Brains death dance (1983)
Denial weatherman (1982)
The End my confession (1983)
Famous pockets (80's)
The Yapocks passionfruit creek (1983)
The Unstrung Harp sticks and stones (1985)
Tactics birthday girl (1986)
Blackeyed Susans enemy mine (1989)
Plug Uglies johnny panic (1990)
Sacred Cowboys canned goods (1988)
Cruel Sea down below (1990)
Distant Locust little boy and the fatman (1988)
Gondwanaland landscape (1983)

compiled by LaFolieDuJour
Vol 4


thesoundandthefury said...

Thanx LaFolie! This is awesome! Is there a problem with sharebee? I can't seem to download the other 3 volumes of this.

Thanks heaps for volume 4, however.

paramo said...

it works now ok.

Anonymous said...

muy muy buena