Jan 23, 2011

CHARLES TYLER "Mid Western Drifter" (FRA, 1992)

 a drifter at the end of the road...

Swansong of the underappreciated jazzman, who, shortly before death, comes for last time out of the final years invisibility to sum up his pathway in life and art.

Recorded in France, where Tyler lived since 80s, and released on Bleu Regard label.

Charles Tyler - words, saxophone 
Didier Levallet - bass
Curtis Clark - piano

Charles Lacy Tyler (1941 - 1992)


Anonymous said...

oh boy this is awesome!

paramo said...

it really is my friend.

To have listened to (or to have at least an idea of) his previous works,
helps to feel deeper the album.

slovenlyeric said...

Thanks for posting this.

For those interested in more: Experimental Ectera posted "Saga of the Outlaws" not too long ago. So you should check that one. The ESP work is of course easy to find on I-tunes.