Nov 28, 2010


Scientific Americans is one more nearly forgotten band of the post-punk era. Hailed from Massachusetts, they were developed musically next to the no-wave situation, influenced as well by bands as Suicide, Devo... After the first punkish recordings,''Beyond Rational Thought"(7'', 1979), their sound went more electronic, minimal pop and dub, without loosing its initial primitive, homemade, underground heart. Their "Load And Go!" cassette was released in 1983 on the legendary ROIR label. Other works of theirs, the one-sided flexi "Beyond Fiscal Distress" (Tekno Tunes,1980), a split flexi-disc with Graig Anderton (a release of Op Magazine), another cassette called "Some Dumb F**ks" (circa 1981)... Lots of unreleased and never performed live material has been also created before or after the end of the band by Sean Elias and Graig O'Donnell,  who (along with Jim Whittemore) were the long-run members of Scientific Americans.

More about Sc Ams, told by the members themselves, at:

Load And Go!
Beyond Fiscal Distress


Sotiris said...

Δεν τους ήξερα, αλλά μου έφτιαξαν το απόγευμα. Πολύ καλό και σηκωνει αρκετά ακούσματα.
(με μικρά, πολύ μικρά γράμματα: Και ταυτόχρονα ενα πολύ καλό δωρο για κάποιον που έκλεισε πρόσφατα 50 χρόνια ζωής και που γουστάρει καινούργιους ήχους)

paramo said...

Πολυχρονος, Σωτήρη. Ειθε η μουσικη (και οχι μονο) να σε κρατα παντα νεο.

Anonymous said...

Do you have some Marshmallow Overcoat recordings?

paramo said...

Check out our pages for the "Inner Groove" album by the americans Marshmallow Overcoat.
There is also an english 80s band by the same name.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Glad you posted this, but I'm curious as to whether or not we might be able to get the entire Load And Go album uploaded at some point. I used to have this one, but it's long since gone and I'd really love to be able to recover it.

Thanks for all the great music - it's definitely appreciated!

paramo said...

complete "Load And Go!" is now uped!

(thanks Koroviov)

fpunky said...

The Scientific Americans "Beyond Fiscal Distress" points to the wrong file. Coud you fix that problem, please.

paramo said...

problem fixed, thanks fpunky for reporting it.

Anonymous said...

Please reup.Thanksssss

paramo said...

scientific americans reuped (once again!)


Can you please repost these 2 releases (cassette & flexi)or send me a link to
Thank you very much
Best Regards