Aug 9, 2010

THE WORLDS OF LOVE: Unconvectional Re-Inventions Of The Romantic Song

The Worlds Of Love

vocals, synths, accordion, bass, guitars, flute, melodica, theremin, toy piano, percussion, vibrolute
vocals, hand-played drum machines, powerbook, percussion
vocals, banjo, synthesizer

front cover of LP edition (1989, Review Records)

front cover of CD edition (2000, Review Records)
[reissue with new-written extras]

artwork from CD edition

Paper Cup

Here’s my paper cup;
won’t you fill it up?
It should last just long enough for me to drink.

Soon my time is up;
soggy paper cup
falls apart so flimsily and spills my drink.

Pour it all in
My paper cup is waterlogged
but the liquid reached my lips.

Why should I give up,
when my paper cup
gives me drinks, and even sometimes gives me thirst.

Pour it all in.
For all intents and purposes
my old paper cup is all I need.

[lyrics by David Garland]

Paper Cup

"I want to be free of stylistic assumptions, so that as i create music i'm not thinking about traditions, but instead i'm working with the elements of melody, harmony, rhythm, words and sonic color to built a new and true experience" -David Garland


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