Nov 15, 2009

V.A. TERRA INCOGNITA vol.1 & 2 (Auxilio De Cientos compilations)

Terra Incognita vol 1

Terra Incognita vol 2

The two TERRA INCOGNITA compilations were released from spanish label Auxilio De Cientos in 1985 and 1986. The bands come from several countries and the music lies at the experimental-electronic-minimal synth fields. Compiling is quite good, behind the label, however, there are members of Neo Zelanda and Diseno Corbusier, spanish bands of the era that played similar stuff.
Twilight Ritual, Bene Gesserit, Attrition, DDAA, Ptose, Hector Zazou, Muslimgauze, Kastrierte Philosophen and other more obscure names are the guides through these "unknown lands"...


O Pequeno Monstro said...

Vol 2 is KO!


paramo said...

it's reuped.

Rádio FilispiM said...
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the saucer people said...

If you do start reposting, I would love to hear these two compilations - especially Vol 2 with the Danny Alias track - anyone new to his work should check out his 1984 release Civil Defense (go to the discogs page and there are some YT videos up).

Anyway, many thanks if you can help and many thanks even if you are unable to as I now know that at least a few people in the world have these rips - it's just a matter of time before I bump into one!