Jul 7, 2008

MOOSEHEART FAITH STELLAR GROOVE BAND "The magic square of the sun" (US,1991)

"Just get rid of that small mind that is called "self", and there is nothing in universe that can harm or hinder you" MFSGB

With a philosophy & sound so loyal to the archetypes of the 60`s psych era, the Los Angeles based MOOSEHEART FAITH couldn`t have been the best nor the most original space-jazz-folk-psych band, especially at the beginning of 90`s , nearly 25 years after the explosion of the genre. Todd Homer (voc, bass, autoharp, banjo, synth, percussion, analog sequencer, saw...) & Larry Robinson (voc, guitar,banjo, drums, percussion, synth, clarinet, toys), though, as genuine cosmic workers have been more a part of the timeless psych existance & continuity, and less one more revival thing.
The Magic Square of the Sun, (2nd album, recorded 89-90 at LA, with help of various other musicians and released through local Stellar Records) has, similarly with the rest of their works, moments worth placing next to Love, Spirit, Pearls Before Swine, and the others 60`s monsters. It's an album that pleases easily the dedicated follower of genuine 60`s psych sounds.


Anonymous said...

Is this a CD or vinyl rip? (I'm asking, because the 2LP version has an additional track)

Anonymous said...

Riped from stellar records cd.(catalogue number STELLAR 111)