Mar 24, 2012

The Geography Of Sound

A musical journey through the paths of Ethno-Jazz and World music.

BADAWI a voice from six corners (from "The Heretic Of Ether", 1999, U.S.A.) 
YASUAKI SHIMIZU  Utukushiki tennen ("Kakashi", 1982, Japan)
LOWZYL/TIMANSKI/ KLEBBA/CHANDRAN afrodyzjak ("Nisani", 1999, Poland)
RENAUD GARCIA-FONS Fui piedra ("Navigatore", 2001, France)
CARLO ACTIS DATO QUARTET Bossa di mafia ("Fes Montuno", 2000, Italy)
UNE ANCHE PASSE Chanson du feu follet ("Serpent d' Etoiles", 1997, France)
FREY/TIEPOLD/THIERFELDER Tabasheer ("Ziyada", 1979, Germany)
FLORIDIS/SKOPELITIS/TEMIZ pitch ("Our Trip So Far", 2001, Greece)
MARCO ZURZOLO Chi e...n' aggie capito... chi e ("Pulcinella", 2002, Italy)
LA KUMPANIA ZELWER C'est pas tous les jours shabbat ("Daissa", 2003, France)
ALFREDO RODRIGUEZ Cuando vuelvo a tu lado ("Cuba Linda", 1996, Cuba)
MIRTHA POZZI ceci-cela ("Acadacoual", 1996, Uruguay)
MEGADRUMS (REINHARD FLATISCHLER) Mahakal ("Layers Of Time", 1996, Austria)
FODAY MUSA SUSO spring waterfall ("Jali Kunda: Griots Of West Africa..", 1996)
MALHERBE/ELHRICH  Caspienne blues ("Hadouk", 1999, France)
compiled by LaFolieDuJour

Listen (approx. 68 min.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great compilations

hideo said...

beautiful mix, thanks, parano!