Jul 28, 2011

Y RECORDS: Adventures In Rhythm

Y Records was one of the Rough Trade associated independent record companies, and one which paved the way for the evolution of  funk-dub-ska-jazz influences in post-punk/new wave era. The label was created in 1980 by music producer-manager Dick O'Dell and hosted several bands, specially ones derived from Bristol's indie scene: The Pop GroupGlaxo BabiesPigbagMouthMaximum Joy...
Y lasted up to mid-80s; then became part of bigger music companies.
Most well known artists: Pigbag and (early) Shriekback. A remarkable Y release: Sun Ra's legendary single "Nuclear War" (1982).

The Y Collection 
01 MOUTH take your coat off (1982)
02 MAXIMUM JOY building bridges (1982)
03 PULSALLAMA devil lives in my husband's boby (1982)
04 POP GROUP colour blind (1980)
05 SHRIEKBACK my spine (is the bassline) (1982)
06 CHRIS REEVES after the romance (1982)
07 PIGBAG six of one... (1982)
08 TESCO BOMBERS hernando's hideaway (1982)
09 MAXIMUM JOY man of tribes (1982)
10 THE VINCENT UNITS carnival song (1981)
11 SHRIEKBACK despite dense weed (1982)
12 PIGBAG dozo don (1982)
13 DISCONNECTION bali ha'i (1982)
14 SHRIEKBACK mothloop (1982)
15 GLAXO BABIES dahij (1980)
16 SUN RA nuclear war (1982)

compiled by LaFolieDuJour

Y Records  


Sotiris said...

Ειναι αρκετες μερες που εχω δει αυτη την -φανταστική- συλλογή. Εχετε καταφερει φετος να με στείλετε στο δωματιακι με τους δίσκους ουκ ολιγες φορές. Ακούγεται λίγο ως ..βασανιστηριο αυτό, όμως καλοί μου φίλοι ξέρετε οτι δεν ειναι έτσι. Ευχαριστώ για τις αναμνησεις που μου ξυπνάτε και για τις "τσιμπιές" που μου δίνετε να ξυπνήσω επιτέλους απο τον μακρύ λήθαργό μου

paramo said...

Αγαπητε φίλε, επαφιομαστε στους χωρους σου, στο "δωματιακι με τους δίσκους", στις "αναμνησεις", ξεροντας πως μεσα απο κει θα βρισκουμε και σενα και μας. Ηδη τα κυαλια του μυαλου μας κοιτουν προς τα κει, προς το επομενο ξυπνημα των ονειρων.

Anonymous said...

Track 13 is "corrupted", so says foobar2000. Thanks a bunch, though!

Anonymous said...

I could open it in a different program, nevermind.

Bruce the Moose said...

Track 16 (Sun Ra) lists as being 7:44, shows up in Windows Media Player as being 7:44 but continues playing until 10:28. In Sound Forge it shows up as 7:44 and is truncated at 7:44. Odd - Apparently the whole tune is there but the time tag is wrong.

paramo said...

sun ra track corrected, and file reuped. thanks Bruce for mention the problem.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting blog... Wow... your choices are good !

With love and passion for arts !

jonder said...

Brilliant! Thanks so much! A mix of the 99 Records label would be a great companion piece (if you're taking requests...)

Anonymous said...

jonder, thanks for your comments.
The material of "99 Records" is very well known and easily found. The publicity of "no wave" scene is huge, in general.

Deadly Headly's album is available from On-U webshop, that's why my post only points the existence of the album.

La Folie Du Jour

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